Government Officials

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QUESTION: How many members presently make up the United States’ Joint Chiefs of Staff in the U.S. Department of Defense?


A LITTLE MORE: Eight people (chairman, vice chairman, chiefs of the Army, Marines, Navy, Air Force, Space Force, and National Guard)

Element-ary School

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QUESTION: What word is spelled by combining the element abbreviations of: Thorium, Iodine, Carbon, Potassium?

ANSWER: Thick (Th.I.C.K.)

A LITTLE MORE: Thorium is TH, Iodine is I, Carbon is C, Potassium is K.

Into The Wild

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QUESTION: How many digits do pandas have on each hand?


A LITTLE MORE: A panda’s paw has six digits – five fingers and an opposable pseudo-thumb (actually an enlarged wrist bone) it uses merely to hold bamboo while eating.


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QUESTION: On a Yin-Yang symbol, are the white parts represented by Yin, or Yang?


A LITTLE MORE: Yang is conceived of as heaven, maleness, light, activity, and penetration. Yin is a symbol of earth, femaleness, darkness, passivity, and absorption.

Retro Music

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QUESTION: What was Roger Miller’s first pop hit back in 1964?


A LITTLE MORE: Roger Miller’s first pop hit was the song “Dang Me.” It was released in 1964 and became a major success, reaching number 7 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart.

I’ll Drink To That

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QUESTION: What was the original name of the drink Coca-Cola released to compete with Dr Pepper?


A LITTLE MORE: First introduced as “Peppo” to compete against Dr Pepper, the name was changed to “Mr. Pibb” after Dr Pepper sued The Coca-Cola Company for trademark infringement. The original test markets for Mr. Pibb in 1972 were located in Waco, Texas the birthplace of Dr Pepper, before the company moved to Dallas, Texas. In 1980, Mr. Pibb was reformulated and marketed with the words “New Taste” printed prominently on the products.

Now You’re Cooking

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QUESTION: Self-rising flour contains what crucial ingredient?

ANSWER: Baking Powder

A LITTLE MORE: Self-rising flour contains three crucial ingredients: All-Purpose Flour, Baking Powder, Salt. The combination of these three ingredients in self-rising flour makes it a convenient option for recipes where leavening is needed, such as biscuits and pancakes, as it eliminates the need to separately measure and add baking powder and salt.

Literary Legends

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QUESTION: Who holds The New York Times record for most #1 New York Times best sellers by a single author?

ANSWER: James Patterson

A LITTLE MORE: Patterson has had more than 114 New York Times bestselling novels, and holds The New York Times record for most #1 New York Times best sellers by a single author – 67 – which is also a Guinness World Record.

Sports IQ

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QUESSTION: What two-time All Big Eight defensive back at Colorado won three U.S. Open Golf titles?

ANSWER: Hale Irwin

A LITTLE MORE: The two-time All Big Eight defensive back at Colorado who won three U.S. Open Golf titles is Hale Irwin. Hale Irwin played college football at the University of Colorado and later went on to have a successful career as a professional golfer, winning the U.S. Open in golf three times (1974, 1979, and 1990).

Social Media

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QUESTION: According to Statista, as of January 2023, what is the most popular social media platform worldwide with over 2.9 billion monthly active users?

ANSWER: Facebook

A LITTLE MORE: Facebook – 2.958, YouTube – 2.514, whatsApp – 2.000, Instagram – 2.000, WeChat – 1.309, TikTok – 1.051

Late Night TV

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QUESTION: Who was never an official permanent host of “The Tonight Show”?

ANSWER: David Letterman

A LITTLE MORE: The show has been hosted by six comedians: Steve Allen (1954–1957), Jack Paar (1957–1962), Johnny Carson (1962–1992), Jay Leno (1992–2009 and 2010–2014), Conan O’Brien (2009–2010), and Jimmy Fallon (2014–present). Among Carson’s regular guest hosts were Joey Bishop, David Letterman, Joan Rivers, David Brenner, and Jay Leno, although the practice has been mostly abandoned since hosts currently prefer reruns to showcasing potential rivals.


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QUESTION: Which entertainer has hosted “Saturday Night Live” the most times?

ANSWER: Alec Baldwin

A LITTLE MORE: Actor Alec Baldwin holds the record for most times hosting, having done so seventeen times since 1990; Baldwin took the record from actor Steve Martin who has hosted sixteen times since 1976. Those who have hosted the most times through the decades include Alec Baldwin (17), Steve Martin (16), John Goodman (13), Tom Hanks (10) and Buck Henry (10).

Musical Minutia

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QUESTION: Janis Joplin was not the first person to hit the charts with ‘Me And Bobby McGee’. Who first sang their way onto the charts with the song?

ANSWER: Roger Miller

A LITTLE MORE: Roger Miller hit #12 on the Country singles chart in 1969; Janis hit #14 in 1971. Kris Kristofferson wrote the song and released it in 1971. Gordon Lightfoot in 1971 and Willie Nelson in 1979.

Color Quiz

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QUESTION: What color are the sunsets on Mars?


A LITTLE MORE: Mars has plenty of red-colored iron oxide and therefore is called the red planet. A sunset on Mars is blue, thanks to its atmosphere. If you ever have the chance to look at the images of a sunset in Mars, you’re in for a surprise!

Talk About The Body

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QUESTION: Bruxism is the medical term for what condition?

ANSWER: Teeth Grinding

A LITTLE MORE: Bruxism, also known as teeth grinding, is a medical condition characterized by the grinding or clenching of teeth. It can occur unconsciously during both day and night, and is often related to stress or anxiety.

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