QUESTION: Where can I find a team-building activity for my company? I want it to be a fun and exciting activity to enhance socialization and participation for my next retreat, seminar, sales training or corporate event.
ANSWER: Mind Games Trivia

QUESTION: Can you tell me more about Mind Games Trivia?
ANSWER: Mind Games Trivia can be played anywhere, anytime, by anyone – regardless of physical abilities, gender, ethnicity, or status within the company. The game can  also be customized for specific themes or business types, as well as integrating your questions into the game.

QUESTION: What does Mind Games Trivia provide?
ANSWER: We’ll provide:
Questions for the game
Answer sheets and pencils
Sound System (Projector and screen if needed)
Mind Games Trivia Show Host

QUESTION: How does Mind Games Trivia help our company?
ANSWER: An awesome team building exercise. Teams collaborate and come up with answers  to trivia questions taken from a multitude of categories. They also must work together  to come up with the best strategy regarding the distribution of points using our Ante Up! bonus at the end of each round.

QUESTION: How can I schedule Mind Games Trivia or a demo of Mind Games Trivia for my company?
ANSWER: Just contact us. We’ll take it from there

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